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Our expertise is in integrating Learning Management Systems with your existing IT infrastructure

The areas we specialise in are:

LMS Services

We create LMS solutions with Moodle, Open Source and Microsoft technologies

We provide either:

  • a total management service package at a fixed price, or
  • bespoke technical solutions (either alone or in partnership with your IT department) if you prefer to manage the LMS yourself.

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Company Timeline

European Leisure PLC

LMS Global: Ran workshop for European Leisure PLC. 3 division senior managers, build trust.

Starting Point

Began by producing spreadsheets using the Kirkpatrick Methodology to evalute the benefits of training events.

Exhibited the Annual CIPD

Delivered "Evaluation Best Practice Workshops" to an international audience, repeating it twice the next year, at the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) HRD International Conference at Excel, London.

ISO 9001

Received ISO9001 accreditation.

University West of England

Create animations for Social Awarness Campaigns

Boehringer Ingelheim

Beginning of evaluation partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim, the world’s leading pharmaceutical company. Provide all in-house, departmental, and team training evalutions till present date.

Morgan Stanley

Directed evaluation services of management development training programs for Morgan Stanley, the market leader in securities and asset management.


TES Product Release: Launched TES – Web-based Training Evaluation Services.


Provided learning evaluation services of team events, and in-house and external training programs for Investment Marketing Association (IMA),the UK’s investment services industry trade body.

Walt Disney

Facilitated Human Resources in the strategic development and identification of learning needs for Walt Disney, the world’s largest media and entertainment corporation.

Syngenta AG

Performed an extended training service evaluation in partnership with the training supplier for Syngenta AG, a leading biotechnology company that conducts genomic research.

Daily Telegraph

Provided consultation, advisement and guidance in the evaluation of in-house and external training programmes for the Daily Telegraph, the highest selling quality newspaper company in Britain

Morgan Stanley

Provided learning evaluation services of team events, and in-house and external training programs for Morgan Stanley, the UK’s investment services industry trade body.

Evershed Solicitors

Provided knowledge assessment to support delivery of in-house training for Evershed Solicitors, an international full services law firm


Conducted evaluation of all training interventions to assess learning transference, changes in workplace outcomes and skill transfer for the National Health Services (NHS) NESC (National Education South Central) , a government health assessment authority organisation handling practitioner’s and pharmacist’s performance.

Marks and Spencer

Established an integrated learning workshop for Marks and Spencer, a major British retailer for clothing, furniture and homeware products: Planned, designed and delivered a comprehensive learning program focussing on talent management, performance management and corporate values, and reviewed the learning process.

Pizza Express

Conducted 4-level training evaluation including ROI, Cost Benefit Analysis and Payback Analysis plus a complete learning evaluation for Pizza Express, the largest quality pizza restaurant chain in UK.

Lilly UK

Conducted collaborative evaluation over global data collected over a trusted system for Lilly UK, a global pharmaceuticals company

NHS Nesc

Managed evalution of all training interventions for training provider servicing the National Health Services (NHS) NESC (National Education South Central) government agency.


Sole provider Internal evaluation for Capita, the UK’s leading outsourcing company: Supplied assessment and evaluation for tenders submitted to the public sector.


Evaluated and analysed success of all programs delivered for Performance Management and HR workshops during 2005-2006 for Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), a leading professional HR organisation.

BT Engage

Produced a Quiz Management System based on moodle


Performed collaborative evaluation services for DANTE, a high-level, hands-on management and IT training provider: Evaluated training interventions of global, virtual & remote teams for learning transference analysis.

Cumbria County Council

Offered evaluation services for Cumbria County Council, a large community council. Directed "Evaluation of Management Training" programs while demonstrating training ROI and cost benefits of the training to stakeholders.

Friends Provident

Special evaluation for Friends Provident, the UK’s largest mortgage provider: Evaluated pilot programs, including efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

Conoco Philips

Supervised the evaluation of all learning programs for an Conoco Philips, international integrated energy corporation.

Daily Telegraph

Prepared customised evaluation services for the Daily Telegraph, the highest selling quality newspaper company in Britain. In addition, provided consulting services in order to advise and guide the evaluation of internal and external training programmes.

University of Bristol

Evaluated "Accelerated Learning Training"

Pfizer Ltd

Executed strategic-level evaluation and advisement of learning interventions for Pfizer, a global leader in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Provided special evaluation for Boehringer Ingelheim, a medical education and training provider: Successfully performed complete conference evaluation.

Johnnie Walker

Conducted quarterly evaluation for Johnnie Walker, a leading Scottish distiller: Provided evaluation of training across 4-month period with 3-stages of evaluation: pre-learning, post-learning and post-learning.

Oxford Pharmagenesis

Administered 360 degree prior to the delivery of a Leadership programme at Oxford Pharmagenesis.

EU Commission / GEANT

Administered 360 degree feedback campaign for GEANT.org, Europe's leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education.


Made a strategic decision to release BusinessLMS based on the Moodle, open-source platform.

Quality Central

Released Quality Central, a web-based administration and reporting system for your ISO9001 Quality Review Meetings.

Learning Evalutaion Framwork

Release of Learning Evaluation Framework as a standalone product.

Business LMS

Integrated BusinessLMS with the Learning Evaluation Framework to provide e-Learning delivery with evaluation features.

360 Feedback Manager

Released 360 Administration Tool delivered to market as a standalone SaaS solution. This is a fully-customisable multi-rater service and web-based application.

360 Feedback Service

Offered 360 Degree Feedback Administration Service to consultants.

Animated Scenarios

Expanded into the e-Learning industry by offering a service that produces video animations for instructional designers.

Why Work With Us?

Your Learning Management System projects will benefit from:

Speed and efficiency

You get the system you want more quickly and without the usual headaches.

Learners have an easy-to-use system available on any platform.

Managers get just the data they need, analysed and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Reduced risk

Our transparent logging system means that there are no invoicing surprises.

You avoid project overrun by being given a project delivery date.

A named project manager works with you on a daily basis, maintaining quality and focus.

Lower costs

No per-user charges, i.e. the same price for one or 10,000 users.

Our wide experience enables us to provide lower cost solutions.

We minimise the need for support by sharing our knowledge and expertise openly.


Since 2003 we have achieved the following:

100companies worked with

25,000employees evaluated

20countries served cross-culturally

45years combined IT expertise

Typical Recent Projects

Over the last three years we have worked with a variety of companies and organisations

Startups & Individual consultant

We provided an HR measurement solution for newly qualified coaches and Learning & Development consultants, who used our online system to prove value their services to their clients.

These individuals offer and support HR Directors for the private and public sector including organisations such as C.I.P.D., Marks & Spencer, Boerhringer Ingelheim, County Councils and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Pharmaceutical IT Company

Our client, a pharmaceutical trade association, created a bar-code drug dispensing system used by pharmacists, care nurses and other health professionals. We used our expertise in Microsoft technologies, PSP and Moodle to integrate Moodle into their existing system, to ensure that all operators had taken and passed an e-learning module before they were authorised to use the machine. The code we built is likely to be used in 20% of the UK's care homes.

Trade Associations

We coupled a third party membership database to harness Moodle as a quiz system to issue CPD certificates automatically.

E-Learning Providers

Our client had a customised platform for demonstrating their products. We simplified it and provided e-learning modules to their clients as well as reports and dashboards to measure key performance targets.

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